My commitment

 My commitment

Dear Clients vacationers Always seeking to satisfy you, I personally take the following commitments:


* We will reserve a warm welcome with a holiday smile
* In If waiting, we will wait pleasantly.
* Reservation minute? Visit your room before the Rent


You travel “solo” dread and loneliness? At Sea hotel you will feel at home .You will always find someone to laugh with and tal


Our rooms are cleaned daily. Find a room that emphasizes cleanliness.


You have a problem during your vacation? Do not wait until the end of your stay to talk about it, we are committed to finding a solution in the day (whenever possible)

Single contact

* For all your comments, questions, I will be the sole interlocutor. I personally respond to your request with the “contact” form

* At the hotel, I will also be your single source to meet a problem, a difficulty or a personal matter. Together we will find the right solutions.

A dish you are not satisfied  

Our products are of high quality but ordered dish is not for you? Do not force yourself! You can order anything after the first fork.

Disabled people

* You have a disability and you dread indifference. At Hotel De La Mer we will be particularly listening to you.
* To please you and if you wish, room service will be particularly applied you “for the respect of our customers, all our dishes are cooked on site by our chef” “We work as fresh fish”


The director of the hotel by the sea.